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Le Paradis des Bulles

Diving club in Port-Vendres

Discover the free-diving courses organized by Le Paradis des Bulles in Port-Vendres

Le Paradis des Bulles dive center, located in PortVendres in the Pyrénées-Orientales in Occitanie, teaches diving at sea for all levels. From recreational apnea to explore the seabed, to performance apnea to push your limits, from beginners to free diving, instructor training and athlete coaching, you will find training for all levels.

Always applying basic safety rules, Le Paradis des Bulles offers training and coaching sessions to help you train or perfect your apnea dive. These courses are suitable for all levels from beginners to experts in search of improvement.

Free-diving initiation

Do you want to discover new sensations? Your diving center is at your service to initiate you to apnea. Thus, during a day at sea you will learn relaxation and breathing techniques to perform your first apneas below the surface.

Indeed, with the initiation training at Le Paradis des Bulles center, you will start with a practical theory session which will allow you to discover the basics of effective and zenifying breathing, how to relax physically and mentally. You will discover the sensations of the urge to breath and learn its completely natural physiological foundations through the first dry apneas.

You will then practice in the water to discover the sensations of gliding and observe your first fish!

Breathing and relaxation on the front deck of the Uyada

Vertical Free-diving, constant weight or assisted by a weighted sled sliding down a line

Do you want to go further in free-diving? Whether you are a beginner or experienced, experienced instructors offer workshops dedicated to vertical free-diving, constant weight, variable weight or weighted sled assisted, which are aimed at an already more experienced audience. On the program: weighted sled, free immersion, constant weight … Guaranteed sensations!

Indeed, the constant weight apnea workshop, with or without fins, offered by Le Paradis des Bulles is the way to learn, including several compensation techniques, fin’s strokes, relaxation in the descent or mental preparation


Whether you want to discover monofin swimming or perfect your snorkeling wave … Le Paradis des Bulles organizes monofin training for its customers of all levels living around Banyuls-sur-Mer, Saint Cyprien and Argelès-sur-Mer.

Actually, unlike swimming with traditional fins, the monofin is more efficient for swimming at sea. Come and try the monofin! It allows a swimmer, with both feet in the same palm, to start swimming in a ripple, and to reach greater depths, while bringing both physical and technical advantages.

To book or for more information on the diving trip, do not hesitate to contact our club Le Paradis des Bulles on 0670 55 69 18.Dare to take scuba diving training in Port-Vendres