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Le Paradis des Bulles

Diving club in Port-Vendres

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Le Paradis des Bulles

Diving club in Port-Vendres

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Le Paradis des Bulles

Diving club in Port-Vendres

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In Port-Vendres, Le Paradis des Bulles diving club values

Located in Port-Vendres, Le Paradis des Bulles diving club invites you to discover its five values; safety, environment, sharing, service and education.


Diving safety is never taken lightly. At Le Paradis des Bulles, the very concept increases the safety of divers:

  • All safety equipment on board, ready to use, easy to access. The diving equipment is top of the range, guaranteeing you optimal safety and comfort;
  • Safety on the surface: there is always a person on board ready to intervene if necessary;
  • We recommend that you hydrate yourself well before and after the dive: what could be easier on board the Uyada! Tea, coffee, cold drinks, there is something for everyone, and shaded areas are set up on the boat.
  • The number of divers is limited to 2 divers per dive (in addition to the instructor);
  • The equipment phase generates stress: increased heart rate and ventilation. If in addition we are in a hurry, that we get into the water too quickly, we risk shortness of breath on the surface or else lose the first 15 minutes of the dive to recover … At Paradis des Bulles, no schedule to respect, you dive when you feel ready, you take the time, everything is done so that you are in the best possible conditions when you immerse yourself!
  • No waiting in combination in full sun and a member of the crew always present to help you get equipped!


The environment is one of the key components of the center. The idea of the club was born with this question: how to reduce our impact as a diver?

Here are some answers. To go further: the electric boat project

  • A single trip for several dives (no return to port between dives), therefore less fuel consumption;
  • Fresh water is limited on board, the “big” equipment is rinsed at the end of the weekend only, water fountains are available on board;
  • The boat is equipped with LED lighting;
  • Solar panels provide recharging during service battery outlets;
  • Using an eco-cup, disposable dishes are prohibited on board;
  • Each group leaves with a net bag to collect the waste encountered;
  • Selective sorting is carried out on board the ship;
  • The Diving Center is labeled EcoSub from the FFESSM and Longitude 181 Nature Ambassador Center


Coming aboard the Uyada means embarking for a day or more with a small group. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this is an opportunity to meet new people, to exchange views and have the best time possible! Diving is a hobby, you are there to make the most of your outing!

  • The number of divers (6 max) promotes conviviality;
  • There is time between dives and no round trips to the port
  • The navigation times are put to good use: taking a nap, looking on the plates or books for the species encountered during the dive, watching the videos shot underwater … All of which allow us to exchange views between us;
  • Meal preparation, often done in the square, allows us to share our culinary tips 😉
  • The moments spent at sea aboard the boat, whether by the day or over several days, create lasting bonds between people;
  • several shaded areas to enjoy your snack after the dive!


Diving is a hobby. You are there to have the most pleasant time possible. Le Paradis des Bulles therefore offers a range of services on board, included in the service:

  • The training is personalized and individualized: no standard course with pre-made speech;
  • Only 2 divers maximum per dive (in addition to the instructor), to best meet your expectations, no time limit;
  • Maximum 6 divers aboard the Uyada (15m vessel), we have room to enjoy the outing, sunbathing, discussion areas …
  • Each diver has their storage locker, their cup, their berth in the event of a night on board;
  • All meals are managed by the crew: small homemade dishes prepared in advance or cooked on the plancha directly on board!
  • Snacks, unlimited cold drinks during the outing;
  • Possibility of doing additional activities between dives (kayak, paddle)


Our job is to train divers. That you can make the most of your underwater immersions. Whether you are there in training or in exploration, the team will always be ready to advise you, to guide you, always with the aim that you take the maximum pleasure underwater!

  • Individualized training allows you to best adapt to your expectations and your pace;
  • We are here to develop skills that will serve you in your diving life, not to work out exercises for fun!
  • The operation of the outings allows you to take the time to chat before, and especially after the dive, to bring you the maximum amount of advice that you put into practice at the next immersion;
  • Evolving underwater is not natural … This is why for many years we have been using video in training, to allow you to see yourself from the outside and thus better understand our advice.

To book or for more information on the diving trip, do not hesitate to contact our club Le Paradis des Bulles on 06 70 55 69 18.Dare to take scuba diving training in Port-Vendres